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Oh my god! Betta-girl11 and Armygeneral13 both blocked me! For the past two years, I have been on a mission to warn the world of deviantART, and in all those years, this one takes the cake. I think I have finally hit the bottom of the barrel! The fact that a game like this could come into existence and that people have made it and suffered through it that I failed. I have done everything I can. It is time to move on to my new account.
  • Mood: Movingon
The heck?! I was blcoked by Betta-girl11! That means I need someone to unblock her from art block! Help! Can someone help me lift that darn block please?
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"Code red for hurricane danger!"

A moment of silence has arrived.

Friday, November 8 2013, was the day the Philippines fainted in fear and death.

As the Grim Reaper arrived on Tacloban City, 6340 people were all sent to Oblivion while 1061 are vanquished, costing the damage over $2.86 billion, destroying the Federated States of Micronesia, the Philippines, southern portions of the People's Republic of China, and even Vietnam.

Goodbye, Tacloban City... you shall be missed.

RIP Tacloban City
  • Mood: Sympathy

Allied Alliance

Regular Factions (Instructed by Mr. Dos)

1st Marine Special Operations Battalion
1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta
2nd Intelligence Battalion
3 Commando Brigade
4th Marine Regiment
4th Military Information Support Group
8th Communications Battalion
41 Combat Engineer Regiment
101st Airborne Division
112th Special Operations Signal Battalion
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
528th Support Battalion
528th Sustainment Brigade Airborne
575 Society
707th Special Mission Battalion
Afghan Air Force
Afghan National Army
Albanian Air Force
Albanian Land Force
Albanian Naval Force
Alien Task Force
Allied Council
Alvin & The Chimpunks
American Hmongs
Anga's Mill
Apple Inc.
Argent Crusade
Argent Dawn
Argonian Marines
Argonian Warriors
Armenian Air Defense
Armenian Air Force
Armenian Army
Armenian Border Guard
Armenian Navy
Army of God
Ashen Verdict
Asian Defense League
Asian-Pacific Alliance
Ashtongue Deathsworn
Army Ranger Wing
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Austro-Hungarian Air Force
Austro-Hungarian Army
Avengers of Hyjal
Azerbaijani Land Forces
Barack Obama Fans
Bards College
Battle-Born Clan
Bikini Bottom Air Force
Bikini Bottom Defense Force
Bikini Bottom Navy
Bikini Bottom National Ice Hockey Team
Bikini Bottom National Police Department
Bikini Bottom National Police Department Highway Speed Patrol
Bikini Bottom National Police Department Sanitation Police
Black Ops
Bloodsail Buccaneers
Bogus Business Bureau
Bubble Giants
Buoyant Armigers
British Royalists
Bronco Family
Brotherhood of Assassins
Brotherhood of Steel
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Canadian Army
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Canadian Special Operations Regiment
Cartoon Network Country National Air Force
Council of Elders
Central Intelligence Agency
College of Winterhold
Commonwealth of Nations
Crime Scene Investigators
Cult of Planet
Cult of the Ancestor Moth
Data Angels
Dawnguard Clan
Dead 6
Directorate-General for External Security
Division Action
Don Chepe's Family
Drug Enforcement Administration
East Empire Trading Company
Elder Council
Einsatzkommando Cobra
Ethnic Liberation Organization of Laos
European Council
European Union
Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Investigation Agency
Federal'naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti
Forsvarets Spesialkommando
Free Democratic Lao National Salvation Force
Freedom Consortium
Free Syrian Army
Free Tibet Army
Galaxy Girls
Ganadoistani Rebels
Geass Order
G-Force Hamster Team
Glenmoril Witches
Good Neighbor Lodge
Grenzschutzgruppe 9
Grunyev Revolutionists
Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego
Grup Gerak Khas
Gruppo di Intervento Speciale
Hostage Rescue Team
Imperial Cult
Imperial Legion
International Criminal Police Organization
International Olympic Committee
International Paralympic Committee
International Presidential Consulting Agency
International Security Assistance Force
Isle Delfino Police
Israeli Defense Force
Joint Communications Unit
Joint Task Force 2
Keep Olympic Wrestling Movement
Keokuk Police Department
Komando Pasukan Khusus
Kommando Spezialkräfte
Kong Family
Korps Commandotroepen
Kuaovolian Army
Lao National Liberation Front
Laotian Hmong Soldiers
Lao United Independence Front
Last Legion
Last Templar
Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
Lord's Believers
Los Angeles Police Department
Lukano Liberation Force
Maori Warriors
Marine Special Operations Regiment
MCSOCOM Detachment One
Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy Fan Club
Mexican Army
Mexican Drug Lord
Mild Ones
Mythic Dawn
National Gendarmerie
National Gendarmerie Intervention Group
National League for Democracy of Myanmar
National Security Agency
National Task Force
National Union for the Total Independence of Angola
Naval Criminal Investigative Service
New Zealand Air Force
Nickelodeon Country Royal Army
Nigerian Air Force
Nigerian Army
Nigerian Mobile Police
Nigerian Navy
Nigerian Police Force
Nigerian State Security Service
Nine Divines
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Northern Alliance
Norwegian Emergency Response Unit
Order of the Dragon
Organization Without A Cool Acronym
Pakistani Army
Panem Army
Pan-Oceanic Defense Corps
Pan-Pacific Defense Corps
Pan-Toonatopian Defense Corps
Peacekeeping Forces
Penitus Oculatus
Penny Pinchers
People's Liberation Army
Pepsiland Air Force
Pepsiland Army
Pepsiland Coast Guard
Pepsiland Marines
Pepsiland Navy
Pepsiland Police
Pepsiland Space Command
Pepsiland Special Forces
Philippine Air Force
Philippine Army
Philippine Marine Corps Force Recon Battalion
Philippine Marine Scout Snipers
Philippine National Police
Philippine Navy
Polish Army
Prussian Royal Army
Psijic Order
Qing Warriors
Radio Reconnaissance Platoon
Reliable Excavation Demolition
Republic of Korea Army
Reserve Officers' Training Corps
Romanov Royal Family
Royal Aetosian Air Force
Royal Aetosian Army
Royal Aetosian Navy
Royal Air Force
Royal Army
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Royal Lao Democratic Government
Royal Lao Government-in-Exile
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Royal Thai Marine Corps
Secret Intelligence Service MI6
Security Service MI5
Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
Silver Hand
Simpson Family
Sindh Police
Singapore Armed Force
Spanish Civil Guard
Spartan Warriors
Special Activities Division
Special Air Service
Special Air Service Regiment
Special Boat Service
Special Detachment 88
Special Operations Command Parachute Team
Special Operations Force
Special Services Group
Special Tactical Force
Special Weapons And Tactics Team
SquarePants Family
Steel Behemoths (After turning against the Menendez Cartel)
Steel Talons
Strategic Combat and Rescue
Swiss Guards
Tactical Assault Group
Task Force 88
Team Naruto
Team Nicktoons
Team Nintendo
Team Sega
Thai Hmong Soldiers
Thai Rightists
The Blades
The Greybeards
Tribal Orcs
Tribunal Temple
Trojan Warriors
Tropican Air Force
Tropican Army
Tropican Loyalists
Tropican Navy
Turkish Air Force
Turkish Army
Turkish Coast Guard
Turkish Gendarmerie
Turkish Navy
Unidad Especial de Intervencion
Unit 777
United Front United Nations Global Defense Initiative
United Nations Peacekeepers
United Nations Space Command
United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Army Intelligence Support Activity
United States Army Rangers
United States Army Special Forces
United States Marine Corps
United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance
United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalions
United States Marine Corps Special Operations Capable Forces
United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group
United States Navy Sea, Air & Land Teams
Urban Covert Team
Vigilants of Stendarr
Vital Sitation, Swift-Elimation
Volkihar Clan
Wadiyan Air Force
Wadiyan Army
Wadiyan Navy
Water Tribe Army
Watterson Family
Whiterun Guards
World Association of Nations
World Democratic Society
Wright Bros.
Zone Operation Command

Special Factions (Instructed by Elizabeth Conway)

ABC Detective, Inc.
Admiral Aladeen's Amazon Guards
Alpha Team
Angry Birds
Animal Mechanicals
Army of Horus
Bubble Guppies
Bureau of Grossology
Cephalopod Lodge
Cheerleader Detective, Inc.
Clover Scouts
CommuniCare Detective Agency
Cooper Gang
Daniel Tiger & His Gang
Drastic Radicals
Elmore Junior High Annual Sports Fest Detective Agency
Elmore Prom Agents
Emo Battalion
Feathered Friends
Furious Five
Ghost Scene Investigators
Gothic Battalion
Great Lakes Avengers
Hotdog Minions
House Hlaalu
House Telvanni
Hub Squad
International Justice League of Super Acquaintances
International Super Spies
Jellyfishers Club
Jelly Spotters
Justice League
Jungle Beach Detective Agency
Kai-Lan Superhero Team
Kids Next Door
Krusty Crew
League of Incredible Vegetables
Little Einsteins
Little Einsteins Rangers
Mario Brothers
Men in Black
Meow Patrol
Mike the Knight's Gang
Milkshake Academy
Monster Buster Club
Mystery, Inc.
Navy Buddies
Neighborhood Kids
Office of Strategic Services
Organization of Super Spies
Paintball Star Battalion
Patrick Star Clones
PAW Patrol
Pets in Black
Power Pals
Power Rangers
Pripyatian Empire Scouts
Rob the Robot & His Gang
Slimy Trash Can Creatures
Snufit Police
Space Canine Patrol Agents
Space Rangers
Star Sages
Super Daniel Superhero Team
Super Readers
Sushi Pack
Team Avatar
Team Boboiboy
Team Flux
Team Rainbow
Team UmiZoomi
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Circle
Toad Brigade
Universal Petroleum
Veggie Pal Patrol
Warner Brothers & Sister
Water Tribe
Westwood City Pajama Warriors
XXX International Security Agency
Yokawan Federation Secret Agency
Young Money Detective Agency
Zula Patrol

Soviet Alliance

Regular Factions (Instructed by Vladimir Putin)

Ahriman's Drones
Alik'r Warriors
Anglo-Saxon Army
Aperture Science
Armored Harriers
Axem Rangers
Black Hand
Boo Army
British Fascists
British People's Army
Builders League United
Christopher Columbus' Ship Crew
Empire of the Rising Sun Army
Federation Air Force
Federation Army
Federation Guard
Federation Navy
Fiji Air Wing
Fijian Navy
Fiji Infantry Regiment
Forsworn Clan
Ganadoistani Royal Army (during the Undead Crisis)
Ganado Villagers (during the Undead Crisis)
Grey-Mane Clan
Hunger Games Gamemakers
Hunters of Hircine
Imperial Japanese Army
Korean People's Army Ground Force
Los Illuminados (during the Undead Crisis)
Marked of Kane
Middle Eastern Forces
National Congress (Sudan)
Nazi Party
North Korean Special Operation Force
Ottoman Army
People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola – Labour Party
Primid Forces
Red Faction
Red October
Sharpclaw Tribe
Shy Guy Army
Shy Guy Squad
Silver-Blood Clan
Somali Pirates
Soviet Air Force
Soviet Army
Soviet Navy
Steel Behemoths (before allegiance to Menendez Cartel)
Summerset Shadows
Templar Order
Transfat Army (before the execution of Gruntchosvki)
United Organization Of Fish Against Things That Are Fun And Delicious
Venomian Army
Viet Cong
Waffen SS
Zagorian Federation Army
Zin Army

Special Factions (Instructed by Vladimir Makarov)

5th Column
13 Lords of Chaos
108 Stars
501st Legion
1337 Crew
2000 Committee
Abstergo Industries
Abyss Lords
Accelerated Training Program
A Company That Makes Everything
Air Riders
Alliance of Evil
Alto Angelos
Amazoness Quartet
Amazon Trio
Ambush Bug Revenge Squad
Angels of Death Motorcycle Club
Ant Drones
Anti-Justice League
Apocalypse Boys
Apocalypse Inc.
Apostles of the Star
Arm of Inter-Universal Chaos
Army of Anubis
Army of Darkness
Army of Decay
Army of Faith
Army of Hell
Army of Resurrected
Army of Seth
Aryan Brigade
Assassination Bureau
Atom Rogues
Auditors of Reality
Autumn People
Awesome Threesome
Axis American Army
Babysitter Raging Against Twerps
Bad Inc.
Bagra Army
Banished Pantheon
Barton Foundation
Beauty & the Beast Unit
Bianco Angelos
Big Fire
Billy Boy & the Britoons
Black Dragon Clan
Black Flame Bandits
Black Freighter Pirates
Blackhoof Soldiers
Black Lantern Corps
Black Order
Black Soldiers
Black X
Blonde Men
Blonde Men
Bloodsail Buccaneers
Bloody Scorpion
Blue Cosmos
Bob-Omb Mafia
Borgia Industries
Brain Factory
Brotherhood of Dada
Brotherhood of Darkness
Brotherhood of Evil
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Brotherhood of Nod
Brotherhood of Shadows
Brotherhood of the Beast
Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh
Brotherhood of the Skin
Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign
Brynblaidd Cannibals
Bubble Poppin' Boys
Burning Blade Clan
Burning Legion
Chubbies Group
CLAW Patrol
Corrida Cartoon Detectives, Inc.
Coven of Namira
Dai Shockers
Dark Brotherhood
Dastardly Union of Mean Beings
Dead Bones
Dirty Bubble Army
Eggman Empire Army
Every Villain Is Lemons
Evil Syndicate
Evil Toys
Glitz Pit Security
Goomba Biker Gang
Goomba Bros.
Jellion Clones
Jewel Triplets Gang
Koopa Bros.
Koopa Troop
KP Koopa
Kremling Krew
Magikoopa Masters
Plankton's Cellmates
Plankton's Cousins
Poker Faces
Pokey Triplets
Portrait Ghosts
Punk Rocks
Rogue GDI Forces
Scurvy Crew
Shadow Pokemon Forces
Shadow Sirens
Shake King's Forces
Shy Stack
Smithy Gang
Spike Storm
Subspace Army
The Fuzz
Thieves' Guild
Tiki Tak Army
Tiny Spinies
"Un" People
Vladimir Putin's Loyalists
Watterson Mafia Family
Wings of Night
Wrestling Takedown Federation Fighters
Yuri's Army

Global Liberation Front

Regular Factions (Instructed by Ayman al-Zawahiri)

Abu Sayyaf
Adjikistani Paramilitary Forces
African Militia
American Anarchists
Arctic Avengers
Balkan Terrorists
Black Arrow
Blackblood Marauders
Blood Horkers
Boko Haram
Darklight Tower Coven
Guerilla Soldiers
Hizbul Mujahideen
Inter-Toonatopian Liberation Front
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
Jemaah Islamiyah
Midwest Militia
Phoenix Connexion
Stormcloak Rebellion
Tropican Rebels

Special Factions (Instructed by Yuri)

Advanced Idea Mechanics
Anti-Timmy Force Five
Association Against Hawk Wimbleton
Band of the Hawk

Gangster-Bully Bunch

Regular Factions (Instructed by Vaas Montenegro)

1337 Krew
6th Graders (Baka & Test)
6th Graders (South Park)
American Professionals
Bandit Clan
Camonna Tong
Cyrodiilic Vampire Clans
Global Liberation Army
Hige Hige Bandits
Islamic Courts Union
Mad Gear Gang
Medellín Cartel
Morag Tong

Special Factions (Instructed by Hoyt Volker)

Aces & Eights
Alex's Droogs
Alley Snails
Bando Gora
Baroque Works
Black Sugar Gang


Al-Thamen (Rogue)
Apostle of the Star (Pledge allegiance with the Cloned Earthian Union)
Assorted Monsters in Calvin's Room (Rogue)
Bantu Warriors (Rogue)
Civilians (Neutral)
Cloned Earthian Army (Rogue)
Daedric Princes (Neutral)
Draugrs (Neutral, except during tomb/ruin expeditions)
Falmer (Rogue)
Giant Ants (Neutral, except nuclear wasteland skirmishes)
Hibakushas (Rogue)
Māori Cannibals (Rogue)
Menendez Cartel (Rogue)
Northwest Hills Montessori JS Prom Guards (Rogue)
Northwest Hills Montessori JS Prom Guests (Rogue)
Northwest Hills Montessori JS Prom Participants (Rogue)
Steel Behemoths (Pledged allegiance to the Menendez Cartel; formerly)
Viruses (Rogue)
Req 4 :devdinzydragon:: Ultimate List of Factions
"You started this war, plunged Skyrim into chaos. And now, the Empire is going to put you down, and restore the peace."
--General Tullius

This is my first request for Dinzydragon to add factions for my idea.

Now that I continue editing the list using my Writer, it is time for the moment you've been waiting for:

[Matthew sings, then gets exhausted, then pants, takes a deep breath, then resumes]

The biggest faction list in the universe! Yay!

Well, anyway, folks, this is my semi-formal announcement, or maybe a casual announcement. Anway, this is grrific! Is it great, neighbors? Yep! Enjoy! [SpongeBob laugh] Including my new factions. To celebrate, we are going to make this 100x more better than the groups category of Pooh's Adventures wiki, because our society relied on too much on child-safe groups. And now, it is time to introduce military factions and violent game factions to the groups list!

That is why, Dinzydragon wanted me to make a more better list of factions, so heck yeah! I did. So, the more factions I get, the more attention other users gets, so I can get more viewers from me!

And now, to the future, we will be kicking its butts and my idea project: The Great Allied-Soviet War will ride, so, on behalf of my team (well, short), have a pleasant day, get your head in the game, if someone gets in your way, tell them you do not want me dead, get some exercise and look your underpants regularly...for snakes. Ugga mugga! That means goodbye in Toonatopian.

COMING SOON: Global Liberation Front and the Gangster-Bully Bunch, new factions (like the Enclave, Adventure Bay Beach Detective Agency, Little Lamplight Police Department, Adventure Bay Wedding Top-Secret Agency, Tropico Secret Police, etc.) and suggestions
[Rides a horse to leave the building, in style of a cowboy with Indiana Jones fanfare tune played]

EDIT: Hooray! 1000 views! I now open suggestions!

All factions (c) Various owners

The Great Allied-Soviet War (c) Me, Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Columbia Pictures
"pop my kilt, strap my sword in my hilt, step on the battlefield and I'm ready to kill!"
--William Wallace

What if there are members of the PAW Patrol who are Pokemon?

Maybe, if Ryder allowed Pokemon to join the PAW Patrol, I will think about it.
  • Mood: Daily Needs


Harry, Earl, Amy and Stinky: Grown Ups. by RPM1000
by RPM1000

Can you make Harry, Earl, Amy and Stinky as Left 4 Dead survivors from the DLC for Coach's Mansion? Can you draw King Boo in a Luigi's ...

All my TAWOG OCs Humanized by DoctorWii

Арт-арттың оваазынга Дажын салып чалбарган Таңды, Саян ыдыынга Агын өргээн тыва мен. Мен – тыва мен Мөңге харлыг дагның оглу мен. Мен –...

Punch-Out Flags by True-BackLash

Please. Tell me about these flags. They are all from the Olympics. The IOC codes are: Donkey Kong Island (DKI) Hippo Island (HII) Dream...


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My objective is to dress those guys into politicians up for my New Earth Nations althistory made by Nine999Jellyfish, from dressing up characters from baby shows to like emperors, empresses, kings, queens, princes and princesses to dressing up celebrities to like presidents and vice presidents, and this althistory involves rebuilding of the wartorn world in my idea, foundation of new countries and rebirth of a new hope. And I am also making a fanon that involves that althistory. But first, I must make my film series and my literature series.
Oh my god! Betta-girl11 and Armygeneral13 both blocked me! For the past two years, I have been on a mission to warn the world of deviantART, and in all those years, this one takes the cake. I think I have finally hit the bottom of the barrel! The fact that a game like this could come into existence and that people have made it and suffered through it that I failed. I have done everything I can. It is time to move on to my new account.
  • Mood: Movingon

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